Principal's Message

Welcome all students, families and community members to the 2017-2018 school year. 


At Berwick & District School we strive to provide high quality instruction of the NS Provincial Curriculum at all grade levels. Our teachers work hard both on personal/professional goals and on AVRSB and school specific goals. Every year of your child’s education is one of education for us as well. The business of teaching and learning is ever changing and we look to best practice and recommended strategies to plan our lessons, units and courses. We set high standards, support our students in reaching them and always expect students to do their very best.


Every member of our staff is committed to providing a safe, interesting, motivating, inclusive and respectful environment for all children to learn and grow. We believe in teaching leadership, goal setting and participation. We want our students to take risks, encourage each other, be accountable for their responsibilities and celebrate every step of the way. We focus on themes of respectful behavior and provide many ongoing opportunities for students to get involved, connect with their peers and help to make their school the best place it can be!


We want you to be our partners in your child’s education. We commit to helping your child grow socially, emotionally, physically and academically. If there is anything you think we should know to make that happen, please let us know. We need you to make sure that they arrive on time, ready to learn and have excellent attendance. Learning activities happen every day all day and absences make progress difficult. Consistent attendance at school is a gift you give to your child that they will thank you for later in life!


Berwick & District School is a proud community school. We work closely with local and regional partners: family, club, business and government. We believe in teaching citizenship by doing – we value service learning, supporting community needs and working collaboratively on every initiative that we think will improve our school or community.

Thank you so much for being with us this year. Our students, families and staff definitely make this school a unique and special place and we are thankful for that!


All of us are excited to begin another year and look forward to working with you to have the best year possible. As principal I, personally, look forward to working with each of you and to being part of this wonderful school and community.


All the best this year,


Bill Doucet