Amanda Connell Vice Principal
Bill Doucet Principal
Sherry Shepherd Administrative Assistant
Barb Henshaw Cafeteria Manager
Janey Rigby Cafeteria Worker
Crystal Haggerty Afternoon/Evening Custodian
Dave Bond Afternoon/Evening Custodian
David Pedersen Night Time Custodian
Maggie Doherty Day Time Custodian
Educational Assistants
Andrea Gates Educational Assistant
Belinda Pulsifer Educational Assistant
Ian Armstrong Educational Assistant
Kim Barkhouse Educational Assistant
Maureen Bezanson Educational Assistant
Sarah Ells Educational Assistant
Suzanne Saunders Educational Assistant
Jane During Library Technician
Teaching Staff
Alex Arbuckle Grade 4/5
Alison Deviller Grade 2
Carolyn Baker Four English
Cathy Matheson Family Studies
Debbie Briand Guidance Counsellor
Debbie Hardy Grade 6/7 Homeroom
Debbie Mailman Music Primary to Eight; Band
Jacqueline Schurman/Nicole Turpin 5/6 French Immersion Homeroom
Jason Spinney Eight English Homeroom
Jennifer Hall Technology Education
John Bustin P-8 Physical Education
Kathleen Barclay Resource
Melissa Deveau
Michele MacDonald
Rachel Best Primary
Ruth Pickrem Early Literacy Support/ Reading Recovery
Sally Hines 7/8 French Immersion Homeroom
Sharon Ewing-Milne One/Two English
Shawn Beaton Three English
Sherri Duggan

Daily Schedule

8:25am Doors Open

8:40am Classes Begin

10:40-10:55am Recess

12:25-1:10pm Lunch Hour

1:10pm Classes Resume

2:45pm Dismissal Bell for Afterschool Program as well as P, P/1 & 1/2

2:50pm Dismissal Bell for Walkers

2:55pm Dismissal Announcement for Bussers

3:30pm Office Closes

At a Glance


June 2018

June 14: Community BBQ & Concert 5:00

June 21: Grade 7/8 Year End Dance            

June 25: Field Day at the Manor

June 27: BDS Early Dismissal 11:45 am

June 27: Grade 8 Closing & Awards Ceremony 6:00 pm

June 28: No School for Students (Marking Day)

June 29:  Last Day of School (Dismissal at 11:45)